We are Andrea Conway and Wayne Doba a modern day husband and wife comedy tap dance vaudeville duo who have been in “Showbiz” for pretty much our whole lives. While we might not be “A” list showbiz celebrities, we are professional performers who have earned our living performing comedy, tap dance, acrobatics, and novelty numbers. Normally we are on the road going from one show to the next performing as the comedy tap dance duo “Dik and Mitzi”, unfortunately in 2016 kidney failure changed all of that. Dialysis, transplant and a compromised immune system has had a dramatic impact on our lives. The current situation has not helped. The diehard performers we are and in honor of our anonymous donor, we refuse to give up. The show must go on! Follow our artistic journey as we navigate through a new era of experimental Showbiz out of our studio in rural Quebec.

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This website is a work in progress / Ce site web est un travail en cours, version en français à venir.

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